Promotional Products for Direct Mailing

Promotional Products For Direct Mailing

Over the last few years, there has been a significant reduction in direct mailing due to the progress of social media and other forms of online marketing. However, direct mailing used correctly can still be extremely effective and one way to achieve success with direct mailing is through the use of promotional products. Here are some great promotional products for direct mailing ideas to consider for your next campaign:

USB Drives – Do you print chunky brochures or product catalogues? Often these catalogues are thrown immediately into the bin without any reflection on what they contain. A great solution is to distribute USB drives with a PDF version of your brochure or product catalogue uploaded. Not only can this be cheaper than printing paper material but it will help you stand out from your competitors.

Sunglasses – These are becoming increasingly popular direct mailing items. Sunglasses can be printed on one or both arms and end users appreciate this product. There are a variety of different types available including promotional wayfarer sunglasses. Adding your logo to one arm and a slogan or pun to the other arm is an effective method to communicate your branding message.

Promotional Ice Scrapers – These make an excellent promotional product because they are small and compact and therefore easy to incorporate into a direct mailing campaign. In addition to this, they are perhaps one of the most useful promotional items around, especially for the majority of people who are unprepared for the icy winters every year!

Puzzles – There are a wide variety of promotional puzzles on the market including the classic rubik’s cube, magic cards and good old fashioned jigsaws! These can be branded with your logo and corporate messages ensuring your name is on the minds of the end users!

So, if you are preparing a promotional products direct mailing campaign, consider how these items might help you deliver the message to your intended targets