Branded USB Drives at Trade Shows

Trade shows are excellent ways to market your brand and generate exciting new leads. A firm area of panic for all trade show exhibitors is ensuring they have all their promotional material in time for the event. This can mean promotional products such as pens and keyrings or printed material in the form of leaflets and brochures.

A great idea to stand out from other exhibitors, who are also distributing leaflets and brochures right left and centre, is to upload the PDF files of your leaflets and brochures to a branded USB drives. At the end of the event, visitors have been bombarded with a barrage of leaflets, brochures, catalogues, everything! They’re unlikely to retain all that material, let alone go home and read it closely enough to learn what you want them to learn! They will, however, keep a USB drive.

Branded USB drives make a great promotional product by itself but are even more powerful when coupled with promotional material and distributed at trade shows. In this day and age, people are less inclined to read from leaflets and brochures. With minimums of just 50 units, USB’s may well be the way to go for your next trade show or event!