Branded Cotton Tote Bags

Branded Cotton Tote Bags

Branded cotton tote bags are exceptionally effective promotional items. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours. As well as this, they are often available at low minimums, with some as low as 25 units.

These bags are useful in a multitude of situations:

Firstly, they are almost always essential for any trade show or conference. Lightweight enough to carry around but also sturdy enough to hold booklets, brochures and promotional items. They are often kept by conference attendees for future use, ensuring your brand impact continues beyond the event. This is why they are one of the most popular promotional products used

They are also very popular for holding corporate gifts sent to clients throughout the year. The low cost per unit ensures that any corporate gift can be enhanced by putting them in branded cotton tote bags,

In addition to this, they are also superb items to sell in retail stores or online to complement existing products. They are commonly found being sold in all sorts of stores such as gardening and hardware outlets.

The large print area on branded cotton tote bags allows your brand logo or message to be displayed effectively. The nature of the product ensures that many people will see your brand and message through the course of the bag’s life. Compared to some promotional items that offer a limited branding area, this is a real advantage for this product.

With lead times of around 5 days they are also the perfect last ditch promo giveaway. From order to delivery in just under a week is incredibly valuable and ensures those last minute deadlines are not missed.

Branded cotton tote bags are available in a variety of colours, so let us know what you require! You can check out our range of bags here