Custom printed water bottles

Custom Printed Water Bottles

Custom Printed Water Bottles

Custom printed water bottles are available in a variety of sizes. From 330ml right up to 1 litre. They also come in plastic, aluminium and stainless steel, providing a strong array of choices for your custom printed water bottle needs!

These water bottles are extremely popular for sporting teams such as university clubs and amateur teams. Minimum quantities are just 50 units so they are ideal to hand out to team members or to sell to fans. Logos can be printed all around the bottle and in up to 4 colours which enables the vast majority of logos and designs to be printed very well!

In addition to sports teams, gyms are also great uses for printed water bottles. Many gyms provide a free high quality promotional bottle to their clients and it’s a superb way to advertise a brand. A popular option is our stainless steel water bottle which is long-lasting and lightweight, making it the perfect gym water bottle.

As noted above, they are very popular as a sports merchandise item. Most football clubs, for example, sell custom printed water bottles in their club shop and given the low cost of bottles, they provide an excellent margin. They are also usually found in the online shop of many clubs and organisations.

Finally, they are also used commonly in schools to keep pupils hydrated throughout the day. Schools often sell them to pupils or distribute them for free. Our price per unit decreases significantly for large quantities, so this makes this product especially useful for schools!

Lead times are just one week and with low quantities, they are one of the most useful promotional products in the market. We offer a wide variety of bottles in an array of colours, so please let us know your requirements and we’ll be happy to help!