Personalised Drawstring Bags

Personalised Drawstring Bags

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Personalised Drawstring Bags

Personalised drawstring bags are fabulously convenient and are used in a variety of industries in a range of environments.

Drawstring bags are bags that can be made from a number of materials that are closed at the top with a secure drawstring. The bags are light, flexible and easy to carry. This makes them a popular choice in the promotional products industry.

Our personalised drawstring bags can be made from nylon, polyester and cotton, offering different types of bags to suit different needs. The bags are also available in many different colours ensuring it meets the needs of your brand colour requirements. Some of the most common uses for them are:

  • Sports events. Personalised drawstring bags work very well with sporting events. For e.g. we recently supplied a number of drawstring bags for an amateur football tournament. The bags had sponsor logos printed on them and were distributed to all players participating in the tournament. These were very well received by everyone at the tournament and allowed players to store sponsor leaflets and brochures, drinks and their football boots. Running events are another popular area where these bags are used. Often charities will distribute branded drawstring bags to 5k, 10k and marathon runners. This enables them to carry water bottles around with them during the race and the run up to the race. Finally, many sports teams sell them in their club shop or on their website. This provides an additional revenue source from their existing fan base. Given that the minimum order is only 50 units, it allows even the smallest of teams to test the market with a low quantity order.
  •  Personalised drawstring bags are ideal for kids’ events because they are lightweight, easy to carry and spacious! They can comfortably hold water bottles, toys and food so they are ideal for kids’ events and trips. Camping trips, school day trips and youth club events are just some of the uses of these bags. They also have great future use as they can double up as a replacement for school bags. One option is the mini drawstring bag which is slightly smaller and is suited to kids. The ability to choose between small and large bags adds options, making this a valuable product. In addition to mini bags, reflective drawstring bags are also an option. These have reflective stripes running down the bag enabling them to be visible during the night. This makes them perfect for camping trips, night time cycling or any other children’s outdoor event where safety is, of course, paramount.
  • The beach. As noted above, given that drawstring bags are light and easy to carry, they are very popular as a beach bag. They are suitable for holding a towel, sunglasses and sunscreen. As such, personalised drawstring bags are increasingly used as giveaways in the travel industry. Furthermore, they are great for holiday touring companies to giveaway to tourists who will subsequently advertise their business whenever they are used. One example of their application is in hotels to giveaway to guests. The bags can contain useful information and items to help guests during their stay. Since they are capable of storing a towel and sunglasses, they are ideal to use by the swimming pool or at the gym.
  • Drawstring bags are commonly used by cyclists and therefore are regularly used as giveaways for charity fundraising cycling events or other races. The bags are often branded with sponsor logos to serve as another advertising stream for the event’s corporate sponsors. This offers additional exposure and therefore value to sponsors. They are perfect for holding water bottles, snacks and other small items. Given their durability and high quality, they can be sold in cycling stores as an accessory. This is a great way for independent cycling stores, in particular, to offer a new product and display their brand. Reflective stripes can also be added to ensure visibility during the night and therefore provide safety.
  • Freshers’ week in particular is a popular time for the use of personalised drawstring bags. Many clubs and societies giveaway a wide range of promotional material and they are perfect to put them in. In addition to this there are several events throughout the year where drawstring bags come in handy. Often clubs and societies order a large amount at the start of the year to keep them stocked for the rest of the year
  • Personalised drawstring bags are excellent for gyms to use to help build their gym brand. They can be given away to new members who can use them to carry their things to and from the gym. This provides superb exposure to the gym with their logo displayed on a big print area. They can also be used as a goody bag and given away to entice potential members. Gyms can put branded merchandise such as a water bottle in the bag and promotional leaflets to advertise their business.
  • Schools are increasingly looking to give these kinds of products to their pupils to help them be better organised for their school activities. As they are low cost products that are durable, they are a very efficient use of budget. Furthermore some schools sell them at the school with the proceeds going back to the school or being put towards charitable causes.

We also offer eco friendly personalised drawstring bags that are perfect for green campaigns. These are recyclable and therefore very attractive to environmentally friendly companies, events and exhibitions.

As has been noted above, there are many areas where personalised drawstring bags can be very useful. A key advantage of this product is that we can provide them in a very short lead time. With lead times as short as just 5 days, they are perfect for last minute event orders. Furthermore, minimum quantities start at just 50 units, making them perfect for small events and exhibitions. Our unit price decreases with larger orders making them very attractive relative to other types of bags, such as jute bags, which can be more costly.

Our personalised drawstring bags are available in a range of colours including black, white, yellow, blue, purple, red, green, orange and pink. Just ask us what you need and we will see what we can do! The bags can be printed in up to 4 colours and have a large print area (on the front and back) which guarantees your logo and message being readable. This is quite a key element as it ensures passersby will be able to identify your brand. Contact us for a quick quote.


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